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We’re part of UP-Diliman’s UPSCALE startup incubatees

Here we go….

Last January 08, 2021 our less than a year old startup got accepted into the Batch 10 of UP Diliman’s startup incubatees under the UPSCALE program. MetroCity AI along with the other Batch 10 startups were introduced to the community during its third anniversary.

According to their website, UPSCALE’s purpose is to accelerate the launch of innovative technologies through industry collaborations and startups. UPSCALE houses three programs wherein customer discovery principles are applied to progress the technology cases and startup ventures. These programs are Industry-Government Network for Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship (IGNITE), UP Enterprise (startup incubator and accelerator), and EntreLead.

Did you know?

MetroCity AI started as a smart city startup before we pivoted last Q2 2021 to focus on the future of work, specifically to solve the pain of long hours spent on resume screening and initial virtual interviews. Our first MVP for a smart city concept utilized computer vision to detect traffic violations with minimal human intervention.

January 8, 2021/KDR