Without bees and thousands of other pollinators it would not be long before our ecosystem collapsed. Bees pollinate our native trees here in the Philippines (they particularly love Narra) and flowering plants. This support other insects, which then support birds, bats, mammals, and everything up the food chain with food and shelter.

Our vision is to become a leading player in the mead and honey market worldwide with the use of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. Ultimately, we want to save the planet by supporting sustainable honey production. Creating La Mesa Mead and our Coffeexmead shops gave us the opportunity to educate and highlight the role of bees in the ecosystem to our customers. Additionally, since we have started talking to potential grassroot beekeepers who are interested to venture into beekeeping for income, their appreciation on preserving biodiversity and planting native trees have also gained ground.


MetroCity AI is one of the recipients of the Accenture startup grant via UP Engineering Research and Development Foundation, Inc. (UPERDFI) and UPSCALE Innovation Hub.

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