AI & Analytics

We do consulting and develop solutions

AI and analytics will permanently impact the future of work. We develop the MetroCity AI core platform with AI and analytics. We are also consciously guided with the principles of continuous improvement and design thinking.

If you’re interested to discuss with us on how we can work with your company for tailor-fit solutions in the AI and analytics space, just contact us.

Let's understand the problem first

Yes, we’re a startup and we value any opportunity to grow our business. But we also value growing our brand for developing cost-efficient, effective, and practical solutions that can grow your business as well. We won’t jump into hard-selling AI, analytics, or any buzzwords if it is not exactly what you need. We will be transparent

Technology works if it is not overpromised but properly harnessed to address customers wants and needs.

Our Partners

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The project is still unreleased. More info by Q4 2022.

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To provide visibility and actionable insights to PUP’s Alumni Relations and Career Development Office to improve its service to students, alumni, and industry partners.

Did you know?

MetroCity AI started as a smart city startup before we pivoted last Q2 2021 to focus on the future of work, specifically to solve the pain of long hours spent on resume screening and initial virtual interviews. Our first MVP for a smart city concept utilized computer vision to detect traffic violations with minimal human intervention.