What makes us better?

Asynchronous Video Interviews. A convenient feature for both applicant and recruiter, AVIs allow for flexibility of schedule to conduct the initial interview. The recruiter prepares questions in advance as part of the screening process. The applicant just records their answers on camera and submits it to our platform for AI screening.

Dynamic AI Screening. Our platform converts the submitted applicant videos into usable form for our AI. Once processed, it provides data on which applicants and answers best align with what the recruiter is looking for. The more data, the more our AI adapts per company and learns the type of answers that aligns with the recruiter’s expectations.

Stack Ranking. After the AI screens all the applicants based on the recruiter’s expectations, it is displayed in a Kanban system for easy review by the recruiter. Shortlisted applicants can also be easily shared to hiring managers for their comments and input which all feeds to our Dynamic AI Screening.

HR Metrics Dashboard. Our platform provides companies a dynamic dashboard that shows recruitment metrics for easy analysis and presentations.

Batch CV Upload. Our platform allows you to batch upload resumes for automatic screening to all opportunities in the company or to a specific job post. Those who pass can be invited to take the asynchronous video interviews.

Talent Ecosystem. We assist companies source for new talent by partnering with universities. This ensures a quick ROI since your career opportunities are directly offered to members of our talent ecosystem. Best for volume and fresh grad hiring!