Are you open to develop tailor-fit AI or computer vision solutions?

Yes, we are open to discussing this with you. Please contact us so we can discuss this further. You can also visit out Solutions page for more info.

Why pivot?

Our first solution was targeted to traffic management and violation detection. As a startup, we believe in failing fast and making quick but informed decisions. We encountered several challenges in implementing our traffic AI due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, especially since we had to deal with local government units who had to prioritize at that time. As we pondered our current situation and what’s happening worldwide, we saw an attractive opportunity where we can excel while aligned with our vision, mission, and objectives.


When was MetroCity AI founded?

Our startup was informally founded last February 2020, a few weeks before the Covid-19 lockdowns.

Are you formally registered as a business operation in the Republic of the Philippines?

Yes, we are formally registered as MetroCity AI Inc with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Republic of the Philippines effective February 26, 2021 with company registration number 2021020007691-01.

Why is your business address in University of the Philippines, Diliman?

We are part of the Batch 10 startups of the UPSCALE incubation program.

What other programs, grants, and the likes are you a part of?

  • We are also one of top 10 finalists of the current PLDT Smart Startup Innovation Challenge.
  • We are also one of the recipients of the PhP 9.2 Million Accenture Grant to support startups and activities of UPSCALE Innovation Hub of UP-Diliman

Are you hiring?

Check out our internal jobs page.

Why are you called "MetroCity AI?"

When we started our solution was targeted to solve the pain of traffic management and violation detection under the Smart City concept. After we pivoted, we decided to keep the name because the brand name is still aligned with our roadmap and corporate philosophy.