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An average recruiter spends 60-80% of daily working hours for screening resumes and conducting initial interviews. 

We use bite-sized asynchronous video interviews and AI to solve the pain of long hours spent on resume screening and initial virtual interviews. 

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MetroCity AI, Polytechnic University of the Philippines launches talent ecosystem

Building a talent ecosystem is a top priority for many HR leaders. Unfocused shotgun hiring is ineffective, unsustainable, and very expensive especially with the Great Resignation. Quickly acting on feedback from its corporate users, MetroCity AI started to form partnerships with universities and colleges early this year. First to formally team up is Polytechnic University of the Philippines with a MOA signing at Romulo Café in Quezon City last July 5, 2022.

AI platform to solve the pain of recruitment manual work launched

Recruiting and hiring talent is one of the most important HR functions. Currently, employer demand for workers remains high in the Philippines and is fueling the trend known as the Great Resignation in our side of the world. This means recruiters are making ends meet to ensure quality talent are properly identified and promptly hired before the competition.

How has COVID-19 permanently changed your recruitment strategy?

Everyday, the workplace dynamic is changing thanks to technology. The COVID-19 Pandemic and its long-term effects will not only expedite the rate at which these changes happen, but also pressure companies to adapt and adopt these new changes as they come.

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